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Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services For Businesses In Pinellas County

Your office or business does not look, smell, or feel clean when the carpets throughout your building are marked with tracks from foot traffic, coffee stains, and other spills. Reliance Commercial Cleaning has a fully trained and certified team of carpet cleaners ready to help! Our customized carpet cleaning program will help eliminate odors and allergens, and make your carpets look like new.

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Advanced Carpet Cleaning Technologies

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is necessary to prolong the life of your carpet, but those methods only remove dirt and grime at the surface. Reliance will custom create a carpet care plan for your floors, taking into account type of carpet, fiber material, age, and soil level. Typical steps in completing a carpet cleaning are vacuuming, pre-treatment of the entire carpet, spot and stain removal, extraction, and complete drying.

Those do-it-yourself rental carpet machines available can be tempting, but we guarantee they will do an inferior job and leave too much water behind. A prolonged dry time means more resoiling and more of a chance for mold and mildew to grow. Let the professionally trained technicians at Reliance Cleaning take care of your carpets and your health with professional equipment and products.

Our hot water, deep extraction method gets deep down into your carpet’s fibers to remove allergens, dirt, dust mites, and other contaminants, leaving your carpets fresh and clean. Reliance uses quality, professional and powerful equipment that leaves your carpets cleaner and drier than other traditional methods.

Encapsulation is another excellent choice that Reliance offers in carpet cleaning. This fairly new technology offers a very effective way to clean the carpets by trapping the dirt on the fibers and removing the dirt once dry and vacuumed. A low moisture system, this is an excellent choice for large spaces and area rugs.

Daily spills and foot traffic are a given for any business. Keeping up with them to keep your carpets clean is our business. So, enjoy your coffee and leave the spills to us. Call us today to schedule a visit for a free quote.

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